Stacy L. Pintor

poet, author, blogger, guide

Stacy L. Pintor

Forest fires in Mother Nature cultivate new growth, the same may happen in our lives too. My forest burned over a decade ago due to the death of my husband who was killed in action during the Iraq war. My bright, radiant daughter and I were left to attend to the burnt remains and learn how to regrow our forest. This tragic event catapulted me into a journey of self-realization, spiritual awakening, and alignment with my sacred heart to include numerous career changes from a military officer, civil engineer, a licensed clinical social worker to a writer, guide, author, and poet.

I want to inspire others to be a poet of their own healing and expansion, to explore their sacred mind and heart, and to illuminate their light.

I offer these creative expressions of healing and alignment:

In addition to my writing, I have experience as a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist. My experience included mental health assessment and diagnosis, individual psychotherapy, intensive skills group for active duty service members, hospital social work, and hospice care.